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Ethan Russell: An American Story - Ethan Russell
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FROM THE FOREWORD BY ROSANNE CASH: “An ambitious, startling, game-changing book about (Ethan’s) life and our times. It is a work writ breathtakingly large, assembled with an enormous heart and an intellect to equal it; meticulous, personal and universal. It is a venture utterly new but so evolved it feels like it has always existed.”

The  amazing true story of a young American who travels to England, knowing no one, and becomes the photographer for The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and the Who…..Ethan Russell takes a personal memoir and embeds it in an interactive history of the last 60 years… and what a history!”

“ETHAN RUSSELL: AN AMERICAN STORY” combines a rich, multimedia, personal history including unpublished photographs of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, and others with a 90,000+ word text tightly integrated with an online blog ( that broadens the scope of the work exponentially, inviting others to participate and share in what is – at minimum – two things: a look at the history of the largest American demographic to date and arguably one the richest cultural explosions ever. “American Story” is fundamentally both a serious and entertaining book that looks at the last 60+ years. The story of the book/blog runs parallel with & includes:

The History of Rock n Roll
Baby Boomers
The Invention of Television
Eleven Presidents
The Invention of the Personal Computer & Internet

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