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by Ethan Russell

The album “Who’s Next” available: Who's Next (Remastered) - The Who
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“….Following the lead car (in which I sat), the caravan traveled at Pete’s speed — that is to say, at 100 miles per hour and above. When the car would run into a squall it was as if it had suddenly been thrown into a lake, so dense was the water when encountered at that speed. Visibility would drop to nothing, for even German engineering cannot create a windshield wiper to deal with that stress. Pete would slow down to 60 or so and wait for the squall to pass.
    It was quiet in the car, the morning after the gig of the night before. I was still wondering what we were going to do about a cover, and, as with the journey north, a good deal of my attention was consumed in wondering if I’d survive, when I look out the window and saw some huge cement blocks thrusting randomly out of acres of mottled gray sludge. A totally surreal sight, it reminded me of the monolith — the slab — from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. But we were traveling so fast that the shapes vanished almost immediately. I turned my head quickly to catch a last glimpse…”  FROM ETHAN RUSSELL: AN AMERICAN STORY

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