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The Beatles – LET IT BE 1969

by Ethan Russell

The album “Let It Be” available from: Let It Be - The Beatles
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“But how could anyone have imagined it?  You couldn’t have planned it, willed it, or schemed it. Even to have dreamed it would have been border-line absurd.  I was a boy from California. I didn’t know anyone in England. At the time I first photographed Mick Jagger I wasn’t really even a photographer.      Yet, by the time I was walking down the street with Gered, I had shot the Let It Be cover, been on the roof with the Beatles for their last performance, on the road with The Rolling Stones at Altamont, taken the cover for Who’s Next and directed the last video with John Lennon the week before he was murdered.”  FROM ETHAN RUSSELL: AN AMERICAN STORY

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