Duck Tail aka Duck’s Ass 1958

by Ethan Russell

“Before Elvis I used to lie in bed at night with the lights off, and listen to country music very low on the radio, the tiny orange lights of the tube amplifier shining through the slits in the radio‚Äôs back. I sang his songs in front of the mirror. I imitated his smile, raising the corner of one side of my mouth. I tried to move like him, rotating one leg from the hip. And I tried to comb my hair like him. I used Vitalis, Butch Wax, and Brylcream, separate and together, pulling the comb through my hair and seeing little white globules of grease ooze between the teeth. Once I dove into a swimming pool, swam the entire length underwater, and surfaced at the other end without a hair out of place. Hair. In thirteen years it would be a musical.” (From ETHAN RUSSELL:AN AMERICAN STORY )

There was a kind of American inventiveness in the fifties that was truly unique, and awesome. I mean, where did this kind of style come from? To my knowledge it didn’t exist anywhere else in the world and never had. It was almost like the fifties American cars. Those designers, whatever you might think today, they weren’t looking outside of the U.S. for inspiration, I don;t think. How could they have been?

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