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by Ethan Russell

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(1968) ‘With the Fall, Linda decides to return to the U.S. She does not seem to share my penchant for the gray brick, the black and white romanticism of A Taste of Honey. Besides, she has never personally had to endure the terrors of the draft, the feeling that at any moment she might be plucked out of her life. She didn’t leave America as if her brain had been on fire, the Southern drawl of Lyndon Johnson fanning those flames. The memory of it all was still too fresh for me. I felt there was no going back.”

I still–to this day, 2012, and with my now renewed interest in history and our history in particular– have not been able to let Lyndon Johnson back into my life. I started to watch the PBS show about him on American Experience and everything in it started to draw me in. The extraordinary pictures of him as a youth. People’s lives talk to me now in a way they did not. But I still couldn’t. Partly, I didn’t have the time. And then—recently— Robert Caro released another volume of his work and that is drawing me in as well. But, at the time, he could have been The Devil. No, he was. The war in Vietnam trumped everything.

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